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The Team / Company

Imagine Music is a music production/publishing house set up by 陳台證 (Taz) in 2006. Along with a team of dedicated professionals in this field, we aim to create music that will touch people’s hearts.

陳台證 (Taz) started producing at the age of 22 for a Singapore Idol, whereby he wrote/arranged/produced 5 songs for that album. In that same year, he got a chance to produce 4 songs for a well-known Hong Kong artiste, whose project sparked his music career outside of Singapore.

Today, Taz is a much sought after music producer in the region and we can hear his works sung by many successful artistes such as 楊千嬅, S.H.E, 古巨基, 飛輪海 etc

  What We Do  

Imagine Music is a music production house that covers a wide range of music production services such as songwriting, music arrangement/production/mixing, etc.

We also have a music publishing wing whereby we are strongly dedicated to help our writers market their songs to artistes in the region!

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Imagine Music 是由制作人陈台证创办的一间音乐制作兼版权公司。 公司团队一致希望可以不停地创造出令人感动的音乐。

陈台证第一次为专业歌手制作是他22岁时, 为其中一位《新加坡偶像》决赛入围者负责词/曲/编曲/制作5首歌曲。同年 ,取 得机会与某香港知名歌手合作,为 他制作四首新歌。这也是台证迈出新加坡的一大步。
目前,陈台证主要以唱片制作为重心, 而他合作的著名艺人包括了:杨千嬅,古巨基,SHE,飞轮海 等等。


Imagine Music是一间音乐制作公司,涉及的范畴包括:词曲创作、编曲、制作等等。除此之外,Imagine Music也设有版权支部,极力为旗下的创作人争取机会发表他们的作品,让各个区域的听众都可以接触到我们的音乐。